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Found in many varied types of contracts and legal documents, the acronym "p/k/a" stands for "professionally known as." The acronym is commonly used in reference to musicians who perform under a name different from their legal name, either as an individual or as a group. For instance, artists may perform under their first name only (Madonna, Shakira or Usher), a pseudonym (LL Cool J, Sting or Lil' Kim) or a group name (Judas Priest, MxPx or 3LW).

The term is not restricted to the music industry, though it is not as prevalent. Any instance where a person under contract uses a nom de guerre (performance artists, authors, porn stars, models, etc.) may require it. Actors often choose to legally change their name, circumventing the need for p/k/a in their contracts.

Documents that frequently utilize this phrase include: management contracts, performance contracts, concert riders, subpoenas and other documents of the court.

This phrase differs from the better-known AKA ("also known as") in that the latter has criminal connotations, specifically aliases adopted by criminals to defraud people or evade capture.

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