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music (Western Classical tradition), esp: English-language comic opera; chamber music; 20th Century American art music
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Classically trained musician. Music teacher. Geek. Los Angeles. Moo. http://moseslei.net.

Other interests, in which I do not quite specialize: theatre (repertory), jazz, cooking (esp. Chinese food), poetry, Radiohead.

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So, folks, I appreciate all the attention that Glitter and Be Gay gets, but you might also try reading Number (thing). It gets ignored because it has a node title without the word "Gay" in it.

I am working on:

I am intending to work on new writeups for:

I may be filling these as-yet-uncreated/empty nodes:

I am thinking about working on:

Difficult projects that I may try to tackle later:

As you may have noticed, my first major writeup was Candide. There are lots of things about Candide that are interesting but I haven't yet found a way to fit into a writeup:

  • The thing with how everyone dies multiple times but comes back to life again (with no explanation given)
  • A complete list of numbers (edit 1/22: okay, this is probably impossible and not going to happen, esp. because this guy does such a better job of it.)
  • A better mention of the secondary characters: Dr. Pangloss, Maximillian, Paquette
  • The differences between the Hellman and Wheeler books, and how that influences discussions of Candide as a whole; also, differences from Voltaire's Candide, or Optimism

Suggestions most welcome.


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