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Some people believe that they have lived more than one life. They become convinced that, once upon a time, they were Cleopatra, or Chaucer, or a peasant in the Middle Ages, or a dog in Chicago in 1926, or the Dalai Lama, or whatever. These folks believe in reincarnation. They rarely have proof of their assertions, and we rarely believe them. But belief is a funny thing, and they may be right after all.

those that fight for freedom
feel the past inside of them
it is as much a part of them
as they are a part of it all

those that don't know what they fight for
believe the past must be created
to them the past should be remembered
(only so that they don't repeat their mistakes again)

but those who know feel the past (because it's alive)
it was a wonderful thing when she realized
what she was fighting for
she could never forget

the spirit is abstracted from the body
she can take a different form
and she will know it to be hers

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