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Noun: The best dessert on the face of the freakin' planet.

At first, I was surprised that this was not only not noded on E2, but that it hadn't been nodeshelled. I thought everyone knew about this stuff. My little sisters have been bugging me to make them some for the past few days, so being me, I looked here first. Once I found it wasn't here, I started Googling it, but was surprised to find that the recipes out there weren't anything like what I know as peanut butter delight.

See, what we're talking about here is a deliciously creamy, thick bar of cocoa and peanut butter, melted together with milk and sugar, with the whole thing held lovingly together with lightly cooked oats. Once consumed, the heavenly concoction surrounding the oats just melts, sticking ever so pleasantly to the roof of the mouth, as the oatmeal gives you just enough substance for your masticating pleasure.

So considering that this stuff is damn near the food of the Gods, why was Google utterly failing me by providing with recipes for sodding cakes?!

Finally, after greatly narrowing my search, I think I figured it out. My first search result?

The Winston-Salem Journal.

The second?

The Cary News.

This leads me to suspect that, similiarly to Cheerwine and Lexington Barbecue, the one true peanut butter delight is a secret that we North Carolinians have delightfully (pun intended) kept from everyone else. If this is true, then I am almost certainly breaking Chapter 8, Section 2 of the North Carolina Code of Conduct by revealing this recipe to the general public, so if I get disappeared in the next few weeks, everyone knows what happened. In all seriousness, though, I haven't been able to find much information on where these are commonly found, so if anyone is in an area with peanut butter delights of this type, message me so I can know whether this is a regional recipe or not.



First put both the milk and butter in a saucepan, and place over medium heat. Once it's warm, stir in the sugar. Turn up the heat just a tad, and continue to stir until the mixture is boiling. Let boil for two minutes, then stir in your cocoa and vanilla extract. Let boil for just a bit longer, then take it off the heat. Stir in the peanut butter until the mixture is homogenous, then stir in the oats. You can then either spoon the mixture onto wax paper to cool, or you can pour it into a square baking pan to make bars.

It's best to refrigerate these overnight before serving, as they tend to be a bit sticky if you eat them the same night you make them. If you're anything like me, though, they'll be eaten straight out of the pan via spoon as soon as they're cool. That's fine - I don't really advocate eating it warm, though. There's something about the character that's just lost.

If you have kids over, it may be prudent to double the recipe. This stuff goes really fast, because putting chocolate, peanut butter, and sugar together is always a surefire way to please the youngins. For adults - consume with caution. These things are a great way to ruin a diet. While you're ruining it, though, enjoy a nice tall glass of cold milk along with it. The combination is heavenly.


betsy was kind enough to inform me that my problem with finding the recipe was that, to the rest of the world, these are known as "no bakes". I'm going to leave this here for the usage of anyone else who knows them by this name. The alternate version of this recipe can be found here, in a writeup by godling that is rizzle to the tizzle, my nizzle.

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