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Pants (usually ladies) that are form fitting but are cut off half way between the knee and the ankle.

Originally designed for people riding bicycles (hence the name), they have become increasingly popular in the mid to late 90s.

A horrid fashion item, they don't look like proper pants, and don't look like proper shorts. They just look like an overactive imagination designed a pair of trousers that annoys the hell out of everyone who ISN'T wearing them.

Also known as cut-offs, flood pants (don't ask - it's an obscure Simpsons reference that no one gets), capri pants or 3/4-length pants.

On guys can usually be equated to cargo pants, sans pockets or annoying-little-drawstring-that-serves-NO-purpose-at-the-bottom... I mean seriously, why do you need to CLOSE IN YOUR legs? To trap your flatulence?

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