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For some people, the religion they hold to be the Truth is the one they were born into. By default, they become Catholic or Protestant or Buddhist or Muslim. As young children, they cannot make an informed decision, choosing the belief system that makes sense to them, because the neccessary information is not available in a medium that is accessible to their not-fully-formed logical mind.

As a kid, I went to a Mennonite church in Seattle with my parents. I remember believing very strongly that, among other things, Jesus died to save my soul, and that by placing my faith in the Holy Trinity and confessing my sins to God, I would be assured a place in Heaven.

As an adult, I realized that had I been born in a different country, or even a different area of the United States, I may not have believed these things at all. My belief system from birth was based not on absolute truth, but on chance- the chance that I was born into a Christian family.

Religion is not a bad thing. I do not wish to categorize or classify any person who has faith in their religion, nor do I wish to generalize about any person who keeps the religion of their parents. Nor do I beleive that religion is something that is or should be approached logically. But if you fall into this category, ask yourself one question: if I had grown up knowing nothing of any religious belief structure, if I had only yesterday been exposed to this thing people call Faith and God and Allah, if yesterday somebody had dropped into my lap the teachings of Islam and Hindu and Chrisianity and Judaism and every other organized system of beliefs ever expounded by a human being, which would I take as the Truth?

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