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Per*pet"u*al (?), a. [OE. perpetuel, F. perp'etuel, fr. L. perpetualis, fr. perpetuus continuing throughout, continuous, fr. perpes, -etis, lasting throughout.]

Neverceasing; continuing forever or for an unlimited time; unfailing; everlasting; continuous.

Unto the kingdom of perpetual night. Shak.

Perpetual feast of nectared sweets. Milton.

Circle of perpetual apparition, ∨ occultation. See under Circle. -- Perpetual calendar, a calendar so devised that it may be adjusted for any month or year. -- Perpetual curacy Ch. of Eng., a curacy in which all the tithes are appropriated, and no vicarage is endowed. Blackstone. -- Perpetual motion. See under Motion. -- Perpetual screw. See Endless screw, under Screw.

Syn. -- Continual; unceasing; endless; everlasting; incessant; constant; eternal. See Constant.


© Webster 1913.

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