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"Pesher is a Hebrew word that signifies an interpretation or explanation, being derived from peshitta, another Hebrew word which means simple, or plain. Peshitta and its adjectival form, peshito, also are Syrian words. They are used to designate the principal version of the Old and New Testaments translated from the ancient Syriac and sometimes called the Syriac Vulgate. Pesher in the Old Testament signifies "interpretation of dreams", but in scrolls of the Christian era it is used to explain that a section of text has a second or special hidden meaning. Many Old Testament texts are used with the pesher technique to convey special messages, some having been established by tradition over hundreds of years."http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Acropolis/8291/don3.html

In more recent times the pesher technique for interpreting sacred christian texts has been promoted by Dr Barbara Thiering who wrote Jesus the Man and Jesus of the Apocalypse. In these books she presents the view that Jesus lived on for some forty years after the crucifixion, married twice and fathered three chidlren.

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