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They are advertising these again, like they aren't a comeback from the 70's. They were glasses, where the lenses changed from clear to dark in seconds. They were suppose to make sunglasses obsolete for those who wore specs inside. Unfortunately, they never turned totally clear if you were inside, which caused this "dark circles" look around the person's eye.

I thought these new ones were different, somehow. I believe now they're plastic lenses, and are much more reactive and clearer when it's dark.

The biggest problem with the old ones, besides the permanent circle problem, what that if you were wearing them during any sort of flash photography, they would become orange in the picture. You'd be permanetly labeled a geek.

(and yes, I did have them throughout high school. I was a geek. Mind you when I got to college and bought new glasses, I didn't get photogray lenses.)

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