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So when you go to France, and you want a specialty, you are given escargot. When you go to Japan, you are given sushi. When you go to Belgium, you are given the waffles. Well what will you do when you have these foreign guests staying at your place, back in the US, and you want to give them an American specialty they won't forget? The answer is obvious. Give them America's pride, give them the taste of freedom, give them the exquisite American pleasure reserved for those who have lots and lots of money; give them America's pickled tomatoes.

"Ew", I hear you say. "Downvote", I see you click. "Rancid Pickle and other horrible veggies", I watch you softlink. But hesitate! Listen to the wonders of American gourmet experts before you judge.

You like pickles, right? But pickles are pickles, and pickled tomatoes aren't pickles, right? Wrong!

Think about it: pickles are pickled cucumbers. If you like pickles then what you like about them is the pickled part, not the cucumber part. And cucumbers are so boring and tasteless anyway, why not substitute a tomato for the cucumber? The result: a tomato, green from the pickling techniques, which tastes like the best pickle you've ever had x1000. Guaranteed. Seriously, if you actually ever manage to get your hands on this delicacy, and you don't like it, you can send me hate /msgs. I'll allow it and paste them on my homenode. But you won't. You'll thank me. Because they are, despite the name, gorgeous, mouth-watering little balls of happiness.

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