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Professional wrestling move in which the victim's head is placed between the wrestler's thighs. The wrestler then drops down, theoretically slamming the victim's head into the mattress. Do not try this at home.

This is a legitimately dangerous move, as if the victim's head is too close to the ground at the beginning of the move, he will actually land on his head and severely injure his neck. The idea is to have it so that the victim's head ends up a few inches from the ground, but close enough so that the executor's legs obscure that fact to everyone watching.

Stone Cold Steve Austin was, in fact, severely injured as a result of a botched piledriver at the hands of Owen Hart at SummerSlam '97. Austin's head was too low, and he landed straight onto his head and, as one might expect, suffered severe neck damage. Austin indeed was paralyzed for about a minute after the move, but luckily recovered some feeling in his arms and legs as Hart was heckling the fans to buy Austin some time. It took him several months to recover fully from the incident.

In The Rock's autobiography, he also details an incident that occurred while he was in primary school, wherein one of his classmates was prodding him about wrestling being fake. In response, The Rock placed the kid in a piledriver, messed it up, and ended up hurting the kid pretty badly.

So, like they say, do not try this at home!

Piledriver was your typical, mid 80s metal/thrash band. The aggressiveness and speed of their music, combined with many popular heavy metal topics of the time, such as Satan, rape, sodomy, human sacrifice, and the general theme of metal conquering the world greatly appealed to the angst ridden adolescent metal heads of the time. And, of course, no metal albums of the era would be complete without rumors of subliminal messages.

Piledriver had a short lived career, releasing only two albums before calling it quits.

Metal Inquisition – 1985

  1. Metal Inquisition
  2. Sex with Satan
  3. Sodomize the Dead
  4. Witch Hunt
  5. Piledriver
  6. Human Sacrifice
  7. Alien Rape

Stay Ugly – 1986

  1. The Incubus
  2. Metal Death Racer
  3. The Fire God
  4. Chaos
  5. The Warning
  6. The Lord of Abominations
  7. Flowers of Evil
  8. The Executioner
Always remember, in the words of Piledriver, “If you ain’t a metal head, you might as well be dead.”

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