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A vehicle used by a funky pimp. Ideal pimpmobiles include 70s Cadillacs and Lincolns. Known for their size, luxury, and pimpitude, these vehicles were ideal for tranporting a pimp in the ultimate of style. Sadly, the years of 6000lb sedans with huge V8s have come to an end. The only car made today that could be even slightly considered for the title of pimpmobile is Lincoln's Town Car, and the semi-related Grand Marquis and Crown Victoria, sold by Mercury and Ford respectivley. Modern pimps probably drive a BMW, Lexus or Mercedes though.

While the oldschool pimpmobiles consisting of three tons of steel, leather, V8, and 20 inch rims are dwindling at best, there are still the few diehards who will forever roll that Chevrolet Impala on Dayton 20s. Newschool pimps are going to the SUV. Large unwieldly blocks of plastic, V6, leather, and sound system. Altogether not that different, and you can scare small children with the door-sized Cadillac wreath on the front of your Cadillac Escalade EXT.

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