other than a tacky pattern:

Plaid is Ed Handley and Andy Turner, former members of The Black Dog productions.

Plaid have been adding their quirky, skitterish beats and melodies to Warp Records since 1997.

A side project of The Black Dog, plaid have collaborated with Björk and Nicolette among others. The Black Dog were involved with WARP in the early days, and appear alongside Polygon Window and others on Warp's Artificial Intelligence compilation.


WARP LP67 (LP/CD) -- 1999
Plaid - Rest Proof Clockwork**

WAP119 (EP/CD) -- 1998
Plaid - Peel Session

WARP LP54 (LP/CD) -- 1997
Plaid - Not For Threes**

WAP95 (EP/CD) -- 1997
Plaid - Headspin


on Clear Records -- 1995
Plaid - Android

Rumble CD1 -- 1995
Plaid - Mind over rhytm meets the men from plaid on the planet luv

General Productions -- 1992
Plaid - Scoobs in Columbia

Black Dog Productions -- 1991
Plaid - Mbuki-Mvuki**

and if I may... ** denotes 65535 recommends

Plaid (?), n. [Gael. plaide a blanket or plaid, contr. fr. peallaid a sheepskin, fr. peall a skin or hide. CF. Pillion.]


A rectangular garment or piece of cloth, usually made of the checkered material called tartan, but sometimes of plain gray, or gray with black stripes. It is worn by both sexes in Scotland.


Goods of any quality or material of the pattern of a plaid or tartan; a checkered cloth or pattern.


© Webster 1913.

Plaid, a.

Having a pattern or colors which resemble a Scotch plaid; checkered or marked with bars or stripes at right angles to one another; as, plaid muslin.


© Webster 1913.

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