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Pocho is a generally derogatory slang word used to describe a Mexican person living outside Mexico (usually in the US) who has forgotten their culture. It is also the name of a 'zine turned web-zine, dedicated to poch@s everywhere, and featuring the artwork and general cleverness of Lalo Alcaraz. From "What is a Pocho?", www.pocho.com:
A pocho is a term used by Mexican nationals to call their Mexican-American or Chicano relatives to the North. It basically means, "A Gringoized Mexican." In Mexican Spanish, pocho has many literal meanings, such as "cut off" (from the root) or "faded." In Spain it also means, "rotten" as in rotten fruit. Well! Excuuuuse us!

Over the course of 10 years, nosotros the editors of Pocho Magazine and this disaster zone known as pocho.com have forcefully turned pocho into a term of pride, a rallying cry for the tacky, uncultured Mexican-American and Chicano, whose lack of proper Spanish skills, and somewhat weakened ability to eat some hot spicy food items makes him a pariah, an outcast both in the US and in Mexico. Supposedly not authentic enough to be a Mexican in Mexico OR the US, the pocho and pocha (his sister) are actually superior beings, able to straddle two worlds while enjoying the benefits of being bi-lingual, bi-cultural and sometimes bi-ignorant.

A highlight of the magazine has always been the liberated funny papers, especially the transformation of Family Circus cartoons into Those Darn White Kids!, a fun-loving family of white supremacists.

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