A good way to make a large pointy stick is to take a wooden dowel and stick it in a pencil sharpener. The end will now be nice and pointy. The nice thing about this method is that when the stick becomes dull after poking lots of people with it, you can easily re-sharpen it by sticking it in the aforementioned pencil sharpener once more.

Pointy sticks aren't just good for poking people. Small pointy sticks come in very handy for removing jumpers from hard drives which have the jumper blocks recessed in almost inaccessible locations. They're also good for hitting recessed emergency reset buttons on workstations, and for setting microscopic dip switches on peripherals. They are better than pens for these tasks because they don't leave ink all over the place.

What would we do without pointy sticks? We'd be in deep shit, that's for sure.

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