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Positive anymore is a linguistic term for upper midwest regional dialect speakers who use the word anymore without a negating statement.

Since that defination is of my own creation, and rather obtuse, read the following examples to get the gist.

A negative anyway speaker will use anymore like this:
"They don't build toys like they used to anymore."

To me, a speaker of both positive and negative anymore speech, that sentence sounds perfectly normal.

But speakers of only negative anymore cringe when they hear this:
"Anymore, toys break right after you buy them."
- or -
"Beer taste like piss anymore."

In the latter two examples, anymore is exchangeable with the word nowadays or today, meaning present day.

If you only know negative anymore speech, you might think that this is stupid farmer talk. Well, you're wrong. Back in the 70s, a group of linguists surveyed famous authors and fellow linguists and inquired about their comments of positive anymore. The results weren't too good. People said things like "hick talk," "nonsensical," "completely clueless usage." How insulting, those uppity bastards.

Millions of Americans in the Great Plains and as far south as Arizona and New Mexico speak both positive anymore and negative anymore.

Anymore, people are real closed minded about language. They ought to take a look at their coinage (American), and take note of what E Pluribus Unum means.

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