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Potato Balls ("Kartoffelbällchen")

This is one of my favorite recipes. You need:
  • 250 gram peeled, cooked potatoes
  • 30 gram flour
  • 30 gram butter
  • If you like: 10 gram Parmesan cheese, you don't need it
  • 1/2 tea-spoon salt
  • 1 yolk
  • fine grained (not too fine) grated hard white rolls for enveloping the potato balls (bread crumbs)
The balls are done the following way:
  1. Rasp the potatoes
  2. Knead potatoes, flour, butter, salt, cheese and yolk together. The dough will stick like hell to your hands. This effect won't vanish even after long kneading ! This is 100 percent ok.
  3. Make balls of diameter of 4 centimeter out of the dough. To avoid the mad-dough-sticking problem, wet your hand with cold water.
  4. Roll the balls in the grated rolls, until they are totally enveloped with grated roll.
  5. Deep-fry them at 200 degree celsius until brown. Not too dark,but they must not be yellow, too ! You need a deep fryer for this.
This recipe should give around 10 pieces. One can eat up to 20. (Not more really, I've tested it.)
Recommended for beef with a heavy brown sauce.
Potato balls are very well suited for freezing, you should freeze the dough or the balls before deep frying, never the done balls.

You get the fine grated hard white rolls this way:

  1. By some white rolls.
  2. Let them dry for some days until they are really hard.
  3. Grate them into small grains.
  4. Then you have your FGHWR

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