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So I went out on a date tonight. Well, not actually, but as she said, "We can pretend it was a date, no one has to know any different."

Being bored and having nothing to do on memorial day, leads to interesting happenings. I arose from my slumber around 7'ish this evening, and went to get food at the cafe. Upon arriving, I was greeted at the door by a few of the familiars. "Hey man, the cafe's closed." "Again?" I asked, thinking someone was trying to make a joke. "The sign said 'Open at 4pm on memorial day', what's going on?" The response took me by suprise: "Sally's closing up, the cook walked out." I don't know why this really suprised me, one of the bussers, Molly, walked out the night before, leaving only Ben to clean up and do the dishes.

I stood and thought to myself for a few moments, then decided to go see an old friend, Medieval. Shortly after astonishing him with my sudden reappearnce, we were takling about our jobs and what we will do at the Ohio gathering. Not too long after that, I was asked to leave, to allow for his own slumbering frenzy.

Did I mention that I was bored? How bored you ask? Bored enough to drive back to the cafe, knowing it was closed. It was there that I ran into Cricket* and Lisa*. Cricket suggested that we go see a movie, and I said, "Sure, why not." With that, they hopped into my little red bitch, and we drove to the theatre. "So, what do you want to see?" Cricket asks. "Not sure, I'm seeing Shrek tomorrow, though, so that's out for me." Lisa suggested A Knight's Tale, and we agreed, and proceeded to the ticket window. After purchasing the ticket on my credit card, we went for concessions, then promptly to the designated theatre, for we were already ten minutes late. "Just in time," I stated as we entered the theatre, and the previews had just ended. We then sat, Lisa, Cricket, then myself, right smack in the middle of the theatre. Suddenly and abruptly, after the gratuitous concession plug, as if the projectionist had simply fired up another projector.
Mind you, when I hear Queen's "We are the Champions" at the beginning of the movie, I don't expect a serious film.
The film was good, and I will not spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but do NOT under any circumstances expect any type of historical accuracy, except for the concept of jousting, which was pretty dead on.

So, how is this a "pretend date", you ask? After the movie, as we are heading back to my car, Cricket states to me, "This was a fun date." I looked at her puzzled, "This wasn't a date, though." "We can pretend," she says, "no one has to know Lisa was here, no one has to know I paid for my own ticket, or popcorn." I kinda shrugged, and thought to myself, "Indeed, for a date, though pretend as it was, I did have fun." I smiled, and drove the girls back to the cafe to retrieve their car, and headed home, through the unusually thick, dense, fog.

Now, I just need to have a REAL date that was as fun as this pretend one.

* - Real names were substituted to protect the identities of the parties involved. (Not to mention myself)

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