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not fled. just doing other things. email address down the page.

10 november 2007: booyaa and i got married

take a look at the photos :)

thank you, e2, for bringing us together in the first place. it was love at first sight, which happened at the sensible thing - a noder picnic in hyde park. and though we both tried hard to avoid it at the start, it soon became clear (at the truly superb bristol international nodermeet) that we'd have to give in and fall deep, deeper, deepest. so we did.

i can't believe life is so complex
when i just want to sit here and watch you undress...

catbox topic 14.08.05
"Mañana" doesn't mean tomorrow, it means not today.

Uri sez "it sucks that the biggest band of my time is the kaiser chiefs."
dude, i feel your pain.

did you sponsor my mum?
thanks to everyone who has sent sponsorship and/or kind words.
mum promises a recipe in return and is accepting requests!
in the meantime, please visit

The One-Boobed Systyrs of the Apocalypse
our thoughts are with grundy

i currently hold the keys to the castle. /msg me if you want to come in!

my favourite fairy tale

*thought for the day*

updated occasionally

18.06.03 If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it? (shamelessly ripped from A Nobel Quest)

i solemnly covenant that 90% of my socks will be stripy

it would appear that some cynics need proof. as if my obvious integrity wasn't enough for them!
photographic evidence now available at:

who am i?

43-year-old female

web project manager, usability and brand consultant

you can see me at

the soles of my feet are invariably dirty

i share my life with booyaa. he makes me sillyhappy

what else do you want to know?

(i am happy to proof-read for you. just /msg me.)

feel free to mail me. lou at princessloulou dot net

you are precious to me. did you know that?

I am the princess guarded by dragons, snorting and grumbling and rumbling in wagons
she forced me to listen to very disturbing music with her toes in my mouth


ekw_textfont="Arial, sans-serif";

count me in


Verbing weirds language
Is language innate or learned?
Reasons that the English language is hard to learn
neurolinguistic programming (idea)
Left hemisphere lateralization of language
Broca's aphasia
Wernicke's aphasia (thing)
expletive infixation
semantic satiation
Beowulf on Everything
Grammar as a tool, not a rule (idea)
The most annoying politically correct grammar error
Apostrophe Protection Society
Usage of the word like
place of articulation
The origins of the American accent
Changes in Southern British pronunciation (idea)
strong verb
's' in Spanish (thing)
Research methodology
statistics (idea)
cognitive science
English: a language with (almost) no negative verbs
English is not a Romance language
Steven Pinker
Past tense of new verbs
English language
24 hour English accent experiment
Received Pronunciation
Great Vowel Shift (idea)
Icelandic noun cases and declensions
articulatory phonetics
autosegmental phonology
Words that don't mean the same as they used to
E2 language evolution project
Linguistic Data Consortium
endangered language
English Dialects
The separation of grammar and lexicon in the human mind
punctuation etymology
X-Bar Theory
central embedding
Old English verb functional prefixes


Special Alt key characters & accents
The Great Grand E2 Book Lotto
Notelet nodelet utility for reading small text (idea)
Notelet nodelet utility for following pipelinked external links in the chatterbox (idea)
Dictionary of Classical Mythology
How to (nearly) link to external sites
Useful Latin Phrases
E2 HTML tags
Who to send presents to, and when.
Honor Roll and you
Reference Desk
Cook's Helpful Advice
usergroup message archive


shallot tarte tatin
rolling out fresh pasta
Red peppers stuffed with zucchini, tomato, and roasted pepper risotto
Rhubarb and vanilla tart
Cauliflower, bay and sourdough puddings
palak paneer


The seriously red dress
Make the computer work? I'll need two black candles and a chicken.
That's it. I quit team sanity.
Is it better to run or walk in the rain?
Canning wisdom

these are not recommendations for others. they are nodes i want to add to/use as reference/enjoyed reading/take issue with/have left to read at a later date...
and yes i know there are far too many. tough.

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