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A race in VGA planets. As usual, they go by many names, but their number is always 5.

Privateers are a race of, well, thieves. Their combat abilities are generally pathetic and their ships are next to useless in serious battle. Their largest ship is as big as other races' medium battleship, but costs as much as major one. However, their ship list is hardly limited to their own ships; the Privateers typically just steal others' ships.


  • Rob ship mission - steal fuel from enemy ship located at the same location in space. Fuelless enemy ships are unable to act.
  • Tow capture - towing fuelless enemy ship by Privateer-controlled ship automatically hands the control to Privateers.
  • Privateers' beam kill 3 times more crew in battle. Crewless enemy ship may be captured.
  • They, as the only race in game, have Gravitonic Accelerator -ships; three ship models, namely BR4, BR5 and MBR move double the distance in same time, with same costs, compared to normal ships. That is, their Warp 9 ship moves 162 light years when other Warp 9 ships move only 81 light years. And all this with no extra cost!
  • However... Privateers are unable to clone captured enemy ships; because of this, they have to keep stealing more and more if they want to add ships to their fleet (built of enemy ships).

As comment, I'd say that Privateers are challenging to play, require deep knowledge of how game works, necessary for planning the strikes, but are, IMO, the coolest race in the game.

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