When overclocking became popular, and some (many?) people who were overclocking their (esp. Celeron) CPU's ended up with dead processors. What to do with them? Surely you can't just throw away something like that? Instead, these people turned their dead hardware into keychains, using the method Dis mentioned above.

Have you ever tried to make a proccessor keychain? I tried to make one out of a smoke tested 486/33dx. I burned out 2 masonry bits before I gave up drilling the hole. There is a reason that CPU's are made from ceramics.

A friend of mine, however, got his hands on an old, dead X704 proccessor (by Exponential Technologies, now aquired by Motorola and the X704 technologies were integrated into the G3). Anyway, it was an evaluation chip, and it was Purple (bitchin!), so he decided he *had* to make a keychain out of it. But he did it the smart way -- he took it up the the High-energy physics lab at the local university and had them punch a hole with a krypton laser.

His Datsun keys are now the coolest on the block.

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