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Song by Sonic Youth on their album Daydream Nation.
Well, I would suppose it is only really a song in the John Cage sense of being a song. Sheet music might fall short. For that matter, a description may fall short, as the lyrics are not really all that clear, and it is not "written" as such.

But here goes:

A haunting, reverbed-out piano part accompanies a series of answering machine messages left by Mike Watt of fIREHOSE, who is calling from Providence. The messages seem to relate to the location of Thurston Moore's mota, and the memory problems associated with the use of such. Possible locations mentioned in the exchange are a trash can, or in a van.
At once I’m granted motion
With the bound’ries of a body
And the boundless thoughts of time;
I’m stranded in an ocean
Of a snifter bowling toddy,
And my mind’s best set to rhyme.

It seems a waste to some men,
But by me, the drug will do,
If the spice it solves is born
So I’m too drunk to contend
That the space beyond my mew

Could be void poetic form.




If you imagine everything is a symbol

you look for meaning in everyday things


Songs heard on certain days whisper secret significance

random billboards send messages

intended only for your eyes 


A stranger who drops her keys at your feet

unconsciously wants to meet you; 

was meant to meet you 


but of course,  

none of that is real, despite what our imaginations tell us 

Real life is random 


Some day I will probably see that

but for now all I know is that she's from Rhode Island 

that means she has a plan for me

Prov"i*dence (?), n. [L. providentia: cf. F. providence. See Provident, and cf. Prudence.]


The act of providing or preparing for future use or application; a making ready; preparation.

Providence for war is the best prevention of it. Bacon.


Foresight; care; especially, the foresight and care which God manifests for his creatures; hence, God himself, regarded as exercising a constant wise prescience.

The world was all before them, where to choose Their place of rest, and Providence their guide. Milton.

3. Theol.

A manifestation of the care and superintendence which God exercises over his creatures; an event ordained by divine direction.

He that hath a numerous family, and many to provide for, needs a greater providence of God. Jer. Taylor.


Prudence in the management of one's concerns; economy; frugality.

It is a high point of providence in a prince to cast an eye rather upon actions than persons. Quarles.


© Webster 1913.

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