To make mushroom chocolate you will need some dried mushrooms (I’ve only seen this done with cubensis mushrooms) and chocolate chips. Plan on using at least 20 grams of chocolate for each candy.

Prepare your dried mushrooms by grinding them into a fine powder. A good dosage rule for these psychedelic candies Is to mix about one to two grams of mushrooms for each candy you intend to make (for each 20 grams of chocolate).

Melt the chocolate carefully over very low heat. A double boiler is perfect for this I am told. Be careful not to burn the chocolate when heating on a stovetop. Once the chocolate is liquid, simply mix your powdered mushrooms in. Mix well for an even dosage! Licking the pan is recommended!

When you are ready to resolidify the chocolate pour into candy molds or pour the liquid flat on a pan in order to make bars. Put in fridge to cool and solidify. Chocolate stores better over long periods of time in the freezer inside air-tight containers. Also I am told freezing chocolate causes it to 'bloom' meaning the fats migrate to the surface making lighter spots.

Well-made chocolates are also an excellent disguise for those illegal boomers.

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