while (!comatose)
   { enter(pub);
     pub = pub->next;
The fine art of travelling from one drinking establishment to another. This is very much a group activity, attempting to perform a pub crawl solo is likely to result in cries of "You sad wanker" or similar. Depending on circumstances the drink consumed could be either a half pint of beer, a full pint or even a spirit.

For the perfect pub crawl experience it is wise to choose an area with a sizable number of pubs within staggering distance as repetition is usually frowned upon. Most city centres are ideal, York in particular is renowned for having one pub for each day of the year.

A variation, common amongst students in London, is the Circle Line pub crawl, whereby you navigate the tube, emerging at each station to find a watering hole before descending back onto the train and getting off at the next stop. Because the Circle Line has 27 stops, this can become quite an epic quest.

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