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In phonetics, this means that the flow of air is driven by the lungs: that is almost all sounds in almost all languages. In theory it is possible to make sounds by sucking air into the lungs, but such sounds never occur in normal language, and the pulmonic air-stream mechanism is always egressive, that is outward-bound.

But there are sounds, the ejectives, implosives, and clicks (qq.v. for details and examples), where the flow of air making the sound comes from a temporary blockage in the throat or mouth, temporarily constricted to cause a pressure differential across the blockage.

Pul*mon"ic (?), a. [L. pulmo, -onis, a lung: cf. F. pulmonique.]

Relating to, or affecting the lungs; pulmonary.



A pulmonic medicine.


© Webster 1913.

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