The reason for existence, the reason that allows one to exist.

Something that we all need to have to allow us to continue to live in this world. Many people struggle their whole lives to find their reason for living, and never realised that the struggle is reason enough.

La Raison d'etre

Purpose without action is a daydream, but action without purpose is a nightmare.

Update after completeing Chobits writeup - 06/06/02

Raison D'etre (Reason to Be) Ending Theme to Chobits Artist : Rie Tanaka

Minaretamachi sarigenaku arukeba
Tashika ni konome niwa utsuru
Mugure ninatte susumu hitonami ni
Umorete obieteru kokoro

Raison d'etre sonna fuu ni
Raison d'etre onajiyouni
waratte shizunde nagarerunowa naze
kagi wo sagashiterunda zutto sgashiterunda
dokomade mienai? sono door no kagi wo

Kotobayorimo daijina nanika ni
Kizukenai toki wa sugiteyuku
Aizu wo machi oshierarerumama
Sashishimesu bekutoru(vectol)ni mukau

Raison d'etre kyoumo sekai de
Raison d'etre shinjirerunowa
Kasukana hikari to kegarenaki shin no ai
Imi wo sagashiterunda zutto sagashiterunda
Dokomade kienai? sono ikiru imi wo

Hiroku fukai meiro ni mayoitsuzuketerunara
Kumotta Lens wo kagayakasetaraii

Raison d'etre Sonna fuu ni
Raison d'etre Onajiyouni
Waratte shizunde nagarerunowa naze
Kagi wo sagashiterunda zutto sagashiterunda
Dokomade mienai? sono door no kagi wo

Raison D'Etre is also a beer brewed by the Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. I discovered Dogfish Head in 2005, and have been very impressed so far, they brew with quality ingredients, and many of their beers taste great, so it was with great anticipation that I picked up a six pack of Raison D'etre.

The description on a bottle of Raison D'etre reads:

A deep mahogany ale brewed with Belgian beet sugars, green raisins and a sense of purpose.

Well, mahogany is a good descriptor for this beer, it has a deep brown color, a bit darker than Newcastle Brown Ale. As far as taste goes, it starts with a short tangy note (perhaps that was the raisins I detected), but that soon gives way to a overpowering bitterness. It is a very smooth ale, almost too smooth, it was almost like drinking syrup. Sometimes Dogfish Head beers take some time to get used like the 90 minute IPA did, but this one never grew on me. It does have some redeeming value, It clocks in at a whopping 8% APV, pretty high alcohol content for a beer.

Raison D'etre facts

Calories...258 (a meal in itself!)


ABV...8 percent

Raison D'etre is a American beer, and is found mostly in the New England and Mid Atlantic regions of the country.

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