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A rally wheel is a type of wheel for automobiles. It is so named because of its prior use in rally racing, which has been all but discontinued in favor of mag wheels made from lightweight aluminum alloys.

Rally wheels are just one step away from the ordinary steel wheels normally found on base-model passenger cars and light trucks, which are made of two or more pieces of stamped sheet steel welded together. Rally wheels are made of heavier steel and generally have a spoke design rather than just looking like (and being) a beveled disc of sheet metal with round or oval holes cut out of it. They are made of heavier-gauge steel, which makes them weigh more, but also adds structural integrity. They are a cost-effective and reliable upgrade from steel wheels for off road vehicles.

Rally wheels came stock in the USA on some Subaru vehicles (like the Brat light pickup) in the early 1980s. They can commonly be found on Jeeps and trucks.

The wheels come in a variety of colors, but are typically white and may or may not feature one or more pinstripes running near the outside of the wheel's rim. They are also often found anodized to various colors.

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