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It's kind of hard to go with the flow when it's bashing you against the rocks.
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Allow me to say right here and now: I do not come on e2 when I am happy. When I am happy, I go on bike rides and do Crazy Things (tm) with my roommates. When I am happy I call my mother and ask her for the bazillionth time for her recipe for the Cinnamon Rolls that the Iron Chef himself could not replicate, and listen to her find ways to avoid giving me that information.

I do not always come on e2 when I am depressed, either. Sometimes I'm just a little bit bored, so I come wandering on and sift through the nodegel until I discover something that I know about that hasn't been noded yet. Sometimes I crank out a little something meaningless because I am SO FREAKING CLOSE to level 3.

But sometimes, I come on when I am all-out depressed. I node RETARDED things, and it's okay with me later if they're nuked. But PLEASE, editors, PLEASE for the sake of my sanity, wait until I'm gone? It's not as though I stay connected all night, or anything, I'm sure you could find some other time to do it? I inevitably get ticked off and want to go cry because all I did was innocuously add a writeup to a node that probably shouldn't exist, one that's rather superfluous. But it annoys me that about 10 people put writeups on that node (often including old and respected users, too) before me, and then just because I happen to add to it, the editors suddenly realize that it exists and nuke it. SO annoying.

So then I do silly things, like rant about the editors in a day journal.

But I'm a nice person, really. Please don't let me offend you.