Another pet peeve. Rebus disease is the evil habit of using letters and symbols for words in written conversation, after the manner of a rebus.

This is not a problem with acronyms like "ROTFL" or "RTFM" that are legitimate abbreviations. This is not a problem with smileys which don't stand for written words per se.

I mean the kind of people who have some kind of perverse aversion to words like "for" and "you" and "are", and usually proper spelling and punctuation as well. Examples:

"how r u 2day?"
Translation: "How are you today?"

"ur writeup suks"
Trans: "Your writeup sucks."

"will u do that 4 me 2?"
Trans: "Will you do this for me, too?"


Habitual offenders: Prince, the stereotypical teenage girl on AOL, and an alarmingly high percent of my friends-of-a-friend.

Update, Nov 4 2K:

I have just witnessed my first international sighting of rebus disease. A 14-year-old girl from .mx with the word "salu2" in her profile.

I feel ill...

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