There is only one reason women prefer red lipstick. It is an evolutionary device to make the lips resemble the full escutcheon mode of the vagina. This is to attract the male by showing him something that triggers his instinctive desires which can be shown in public.

In the old days, a girl would just get down on all fours and wave her ass in your face. It's not so simple any more.

Dannye: Saying that something is the only reason for something else is often an overstatement. In this case, at least one additional explanation for the attractiveness of red lips comes to mind – they are an indication of good health. Some work has been done in the field of evolutionary development of “thermometers” – organs and features that serve as indicators of physical and mental health. A simple evolutionary “Just so story” like this would explain the attractiveness of female red lips. Red lips having become attractive, the ladies put on make-up to make them look “right”, regardless of reason.

Why not men, you may ask – well, in the good ol’ days, before we had things like computers, cars, buildings and the wheel, men walked around the place with a serious beard, leaving their lips relatively hidden.

I’m not trying to attack your explanation – it has an interesting basis in perceptual mistakes and games that people (and other creatures) make and play all the time – just offering an alternative.

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