A British/American trio. They formed in 1993 after a jam-session, and the line-up is:

Up until the release of Our Aim, Red Snapper classified themselves as Live Fuck-Off Jazz, as their albums tended to be very improvisational and/or live-ish. A very accurate term, you'll agree, when you hear the music. In 1996, as Red Snapper released their debut, Prince Blimey, it was a massive success. They toured with Björk, Massive Attack and The Fugees, before starting work on their next full length. After the release of Making Bones, Snapper toured with The Prodigy. With the release of Our Aim is to Satisfy Red Snapper, they have matured considerably, and their already excellent mix of jazz and techno has reached new heights in the areas of song writing and re-listenability.

Discography (incomplete):

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