The registrar of a college or university is responsible for all of the educational records for enrolled students. The registrar is actually a large department whose task is to enroll prospective students, maintain and update all records, compliance with government entities and rules, and to collect any funds and disperse them as needed.

Whenever you need a copy of your transcripts, you need to find the office of the registrar at that institution. Most have their registrar office information available on the official websites to make it easier to ask questions and to get any documentation. In many institutions, the financial aid office is a subsidiary department of the registrar.

While dealing with the registrar office can be a pain in the ass, one should realize they're always having to interact with folks who are barely independent teenagers without a clue. I found that if you treat them respectfully they'll be more willing to be cooperative and helpful.

Iron Noder 2017

Reg"is*trar (-tr?r), n. [LL. registrarius, or F. r'egistraire. See Register.]

One who registers; a recorder; a keeper of records; as, a registrar of births, deaths, and marriages. See Register, n., 3.


© Webster 1913.

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