Media that is separate from the device that actually writes the data, and is thus removable and portable. The most widespread removable media in use today is CD-ROM, followed by floppy disks. Zip, Jaz, and tape are other forms of removable media.

Removable media is any form of portable storage for an electronic device. Early computers relied on punch cards and magnetic tape. Later on the floppy disk and cassette tape drives made their debuts. Moving into the modern era brought us such marvels as the CD-ROM, the Jaz drive, and the memory stick. One thing has remained constant. The amount of storage available on these devices is growing with every new crop of personal computers.

Removable media is most useful for making backups, and for moving files around from place to place. Below is a list of different types of removable media. (Please note that I listed magnetic tape separate from cassette tape because the cassette tape drives of the 80's used audiocassettes for their media).

Removable Media
In approximate order of release.

If I am missing any types of removable media please send me a msg.

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