I was just looking at the writeups for perverts noding and noticed that the word "repressed" was being bandied about quite a bit, the general argument being that noding explicitly sexual stuff could be a good thing because sexual repression leads to neuroses and that is bad. While I'm not going to jump into that particular argument, I think this is evidence of a common mixup in terms.

Repression is a term used in psychoanalysis to refer to a person's complete denial of a feeling or impulse. It is banished to the subconscious but makes itself known in other ways -- such as neuroses that seem completely unrelated to the banished impulse.

Suppression is when a person recognizes and acknowledges the feelings and impulses they are having, and chooses to limit or resist them. Someone may really want to nail his sister-in-law, but sees that this would be a Bad Thing and suppresses that desire.

The arguments presented in favor of cooling down the sauciness of certain E2 nodes would be more an argument in favor of suppression than a desire that everyone be sexually repressed.

What? Yes, I have had sex. I've had LOTS of sex, bucko. Stop looking at me like that.

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