i was on ebay yesterday (damn you erin! you will pay for my addiction!). looking at medieval and celtic patterns on rings--mcc and i are considering designing our own wedding bands, so i was looking for ideas.

i'd been sending him links all afternoon saying "look at this" or "see that". after just about giving up, having exhausted the medieval ring keyword, i noticed a link i had not looked at before. i opened the page. it was a small openwork bronze piece with "flowerbuds" on it, from between 1100-1400. (there's a *suprising* amount of stuff like that on ebay, really.) but *this* piece... i *knew* it. an electric shock went through my entire spine. the skin on my pinky where the ring would be worn, felt like it was on fire.
*blink blink*
"tha... that's MY ring!"
*blink blink stare*
"i've worn that piece before..."
"what the hell am i thinking? i must be out of my mind."
*sends link to mcc with no explination*

pause, and eventual response along the lines of "...that's yours, isn't it?"
"basically... yeah"

he'd remembered too, he'd felt it too. the piece was mine, had been mine. and now it is, again. he may have given it to me the first time--we do not remember well enough yet. but if not the first, then the second... he saw and recognised... and made it my ring once more.

it is pretty well-known that things with personal meaning tend to return to the owner, over lifetimes. it happens, regularly. a strong emotional attachment, sentimental value, pieces of power, pieces one has used for magic work return frequently, whetehr the owner remembers them or not. it's very common. but on *ebay*? that was too amusing for even me. wonder what would happen if i sent a thankyou letter to the seller thanking him for letting me have my ring back after 800 years. ^_^

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