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The existing nodes about Dairy Queen, Tastee Freeze, and Stuckies have overlooked one of the most useful aspects of these restaurants. In the south, these places were valuable signposts indicating the economic development of a town or hamlet. These establishments were particularly useful because of their close proximity to the highway. An experienced traveler could quickly determine the developmental level of the local people through the following rules:

  1. If a town contains only a Tastee Freeze one should be wary – it is possible that the local inhabitants will be frightened of automobiles.
  2. If a town contains a Dairy Queen the place is somewhat developed and may even have teenagers who smoke pot.
  3. Any location which has a Stuckies will eventually be surrounded by a town. These mega truck-stops will soon be surrounded by a collection of mobile homes – due to the economic possibilities provided by such an establishment.
  4. Once a township has advanced to McDonald's deployment then all hope is lost. The local residents are almost certainly bitter and jaded.

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