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Roboshuffle is the 5th track on Kid Koala's 2000 album Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It is a rather odd little song, as is most of Kid Koala's work, and seems to be a song made for robots to dance to. In fact, as described in the Kid Koala node, it quotes Kid Koala as saying it's for people who can't dance "cause you can dance all square and jerky and it'll be okay".

The song, which features only vocoder style voice samples, as well as some more human voice samples, is made with such an odd beat and odd beeps and whistles, it does seem to be the type of thing that robots would dance to, if robots could dance. Another possible explanation for the title is that "robo" stands for robotussin, and the song refers to the weird shuffling motions that people under the influence of dextromethorphan move in. However, I am sure that Kid Koala has even less of a knowledge of such drugs than I do; and that the song is exactly what it seems, a fun, happy song postulating a world where robots can, or at least can attempt to, dance.

It should be noted that Kid Koala only wrote and recorded his graphic novel\album robot themed epic A Night at the Nuphonia several years after this song was released. However, it seems that robots were a persistent interest of Mr. Koala.

Written in celebration of International Robot Week.

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