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E2's SourceForge page: https://sourceforge.net/projects/everything2/

Node Heaven Visitation (superdoc)
(Saturday, April 5, 2008) if someone other than the author views a deleted node, contents now screened using htmlScreen (using normal HTML allowed, set in approved html tags (setting)); author still sees unscreened content (noted by XWiz)
writeup information display
(Saturday, April 5, 2008) There has been talk (well, Oolong complaining) of sticking some things at the bottom of a writeup, instead of the top. (As an example, it probably makes sense to have the voting options at the bottom of the writeup.) The htmlcode displayWriteupInfo, which currently just shows the information in the header, has had the ability to show things in the footer for a long time. However, there are a bunch of items that needed updating to call that routine after each writeup. First, displayWriteupFooter (htmlcode) was created so there is a single item to modify later. (The title-display routine, displaywriteuptitle (htmlcode) has existed since E2 was created.) The fun part was finding the previously-mentioned bunch of items and making the appropriate changes, as each had slight variations. Generally, each main theme had its own e2node and writeup display pages to update. (Note: I think I got them all, and while I did test all the themes, there is usually some oddball case that slips through. Currently (April 5, 2008), there should be no visible difference, except possibly an extra space at the end of each writeup.) (The "writeup" pages are used when viewing a single writeup; the "e2node" pages are used when viewing an entire e2node.) For a few days at most, editors will see a nag at the bottom of writeups reminding them to tell me if they do not see the nag anywhere. Uh-oh, I can already see the start of a flood of downvotes. 8-)

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  1. Added to coder-admins group
  2. Took charge of chatterbox /help messages
  3. Assigned to writeup header revision
  4. Added hard and pipe link support to Node Tracker's makeEven routine.
  5. Removed superfluous TD in Bestow Easter Eggs
  6. Fixed some Cool Man Eddie replies in sendmessage and message inbox
  7. Fixed display of HRs in CotC

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