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This month has been a light month for E2 development. I've been hired full time as OSDN, so I'm busy putting out fires in the ad system. As of today, the 27th, things seem to be clearing up for my spare time, so I'll be able to put more time into E2.

Aug 27, 2003: Took information out of fresh users, and made it a column inside of room. Instead of doing a lot of compiling, we simply run a quick check and store their createtime in the room table. This helps because it allows us to not have to have a gigantic pre-compiled hash around. Thank you Time::Local. This makes Other Users faster for CE's and gods, because the newbie number is like 5x easier to compute.

Also commented out one of N-Wing's changes with pseudoexec, because it doesn't look like it does anything.

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