Fait Accompli

  • Added link above epicenter to go straight to unarchived messages only.
  • Bookmark Notification.
  • Began work on a full-text search database.
  • Released Polling System v1.0.
  • Fixed softlink gradients for ekw.

As Yet Undone

  • Fix Nodelet Settings.
  • Create a non-links printable displaytype.
  • Fix CSS in the classic theme.
  • Your suggestion here.

If You Have EKW:

  1. Go to Writeup Settings and turn on your softlink gradient, and the accompanying checkbox to use your colors.
  2. Go to your ekw Preferences and make sure your Background Color and Odd Row Color are in the format #XXXXXX - you have to have a # and 6 hex digits for it to work.
  3. Now all of your softlinks will be a pretty degradation, instead of the plain white to grey. Obviously if you want you can turn it back off, or leave it white to grey. That's all.

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