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I'm starting this to log changes made (by me, but maybe others will join in) to Everything 2. I don't feel this has to be a daily thing, since there aren't that many edits done, and there aren't that many people who even touch the code, anyway. And, I'm the only one logging changes, so far.

February 8, 2001

February 9, 2001

February 10, 2001

  • e2node displayfull page caused voting headings to be all black in Netscape using root's default theme; fixed
  • fixed other users nodelet to show (you) for all users now; it seems that $$USER{nick} isn't defined for some people, but $$USER{title} is

February 11, 2001

  • made message (opcode) give error message to a user trying to send a message to a group they don't belong to
  • changed other users from having a (you) next to name to just making the name bold

February 12, 2001

February 13, 2001

February 14, 2001

  • more other users (nodelet) fun - all root users have a / by their names; all editors have a "(ed)"; only members of the edev group will see a "(edev)" by edev members

February 17, 2001

  • got npb main container to work; this is the start of a generic theme, which will make new themes easier to make; since I didn't create any nice defaults yet, and only the top-most level container is created, it is very plain (and ugly), so there is no point in letting others try it out yet

February 20, 2001

  • played with other users (nodelet) a bit more
  • started working on "new" XP system (adjustNewXP (htmlcode) shows an idea)

February 23, 2001

  • added a little to usergroup display page to bold your name in the group members list
  • added /edb command to message (opcode), which gives EDB a voice
  • let editors set the a type of a writeup to "definition" without having to go into "edit" mode (changes made to setwriteuptype (htmlcode))

February 25, 2001

  • worked some on letting content editors being able to mercy-kill writeups (main problem is that the killing floor is a restricted_superdoc, so only gods are currently allowed to view it; I added a permissions check, so the only thing that needs to be done is have it become a normal superdoc)
  • again modified other users (nodelet), so content editors have a $ symbol; only they can see it, though, since the group isn't finalized, and the FAQs have to be updated, and they don't have powers, etc.
  • added option in user settings to show "actions" in other users nodelet

February 26, 2001, February 27, 2001, February 28, 2001

  • very minor changes to several things, mostly just fixing the HTML

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