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July 7th - Added ability for gods to wipe chatterbox if they need to. This is mainly to prevent very embarassing botched messages from users.

July 24th - Fixed JS error where "Front Pageify" was a JS error, since you can't have spaces in functions.

July 31st - So here's the story. nate did some tinkering on the servers and broke a few things. A good chunk of it is fixed, but something is messy with the old-skool XML feeds, and the slashdot RDF feed, so we'll need to look into it. I messed with: get everything up to speed again. The basic issue is this. Perl got upgraded, so along with it, we're looking at new versions of libapache and In the latest version, there were new quirks that didn't allow $ENV{script_name} to work anymore. That had to be replaced with $query->scriptname in all of the important places. This was a strange behavior that we saw in ecore on newer installs.

There is some leftover wierdness in extended character sets, and we'll be looking at that hopefully soon.

Performance increase to the every-pageload nodelet metacontainer. The message counter used an optimized grep, while all you really needed was a smart and faster regexp. This will shave more cycles off of each pageload.

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More information about some of these items, may be found on E2's SourceForge page: .

July 10, 2002

  • panamaus noted that someone used "it's" instead of "its" when a user has a writeup in a locked e2node; I fixed this in nodelockreason (htmlcode)

July 13, 2002

  • call questioned if \n should be usable in public chatterbox by "normal" users. Originally, it was just for admins, but then I made it available for everybody. However, I was the only one using it, and it wasn't very useful, so I just completely removed it.
  • Just_Tom said that when using the 'blab' box from a (now deleted) WU, '! (Prolog)', the 're' text was shorted to just '!'. This happened because both displayWriteupInfo (htmlcode) and sendPrivateMessage (htmlcode) stripped out the last word in () at the end of a writeup title. (This way, '(thing)' etc. wouldn't be shown.) Fixed by making sendprivateMessage not mess with any node titles it is given.
  • jetifi, who seems to like browsing E2 not logged in, and prefers font sizes under 2, says that a <br /> is missing for Guest User, after the 'Create a New User' link. Epicenter (nodelet) had a test for Guest/logged in, and only had the <br /> display for logged in users. This was easily fixed by moving the <br /> outside the inlined code.

July 18, 2002

  • applied a new sendPrivateMessage (htmlcode) version; main improvement is that a user can choose to auto-block, auto-get, or auto-archive a /msg for themselves, depending on who they sent the message to (but please note that there isn't yet a way to set these settings :) )
  • adjusted the hack value in timesince (htmlcode)

July 20, 2002

  • slightly optimized Epicenter (nodelet) to not call the newsify htmlcode unless the current nodetype makes sense (this check was already done inside the htmlcode, but should result in a small net speedup overall)
  • slightly optimized newsify (htmlcode) to have cheaper checks first, so we can give up with doing less work

July 22, 2002

  • enabled msgField (htmlcode) for everybody (previously, only I could use it, as I was testing it)
  • If you are a member of a usergroup, you can now /msg the group using an area at the bottom of the group page. (usergroup display page (htmlpage))
  • implemented dann's patch to e2node printable page (htmlpage), which puts each writeup in its own table cell, so unclosed HTML tags in a writeup don't mess up later writeups
  • updated patch display page (htmlpage) to have /msg areas for people related to a patch: currently, the patch author and who the patch is assigned to

July 25, 2002

  • made newsify (htmlcode) not show *ify link if current node is current user's homenode; this is to prevent people from doing "I wonder what this does" (this was getting to be a bit tedious) (if need be (which is very very very etc. unlikely), it is still possible to *ify your homenode; this just prevents the easy-link for it from being created)

July 28, 2002

  • slightly modified usergroup display page (htmlpage) so admins that aren't in the group can also /msg it using the talky area

July 29, 2002

  • messed with the infamous (if you wonder why it is 'infamous', you'll wonder no longer if you look at its Perl code) Message Inbox (superdoc)
    • made the 'A' in archived messages stay on the same line as the checkbox
    • displayed an error if the for_usegroup was deleted
    • most importantly, if you have the sort-message-inbox pref. enabled, the default display now shows messages where the for_usergroup is non-usergroups (common cases include CC-ing a /msg and a signed Klaproth reason)

July 30, 2002

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