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Here it is, quick and dirty. What have we, the fast and the furious, changed in this here website.

[% return "May 1, 2002" %]

  • formxml_usergroup: XMLTrue now supports usergroups. It does support links_noparse, but usergroups exec like superdocs, so the output is probably not reliable (see the edev node for an example). It also includes the weblog information. You may want to exclude the description by tacking on no_descrip=1 to the URL. You'll also get a weblog ONLY if you are a member of that usergroup. This was requested by fuzzie.
  • Updated: Honor Roll and you to um, actually finish it. Created level devotion in the process. Also altered A glimpse ahead so that pp can check the numbers before this next phase comes out of beta.

[% return "May 2, 2002" %]

  • clientdev API change: all exported writeups now add an embedded e2link for the <parent> node. The change goes through xmlwriteup;
  • Fixed up A Glimpse Ahead and Honor Roll and You to remove several spelling / date errors. Also fixed a logic error (affecting tbbk), that made it possible to have xp and devotion levels of 0. Whoops.
  • Fixed a possible server error in Scratch Pad Viewer where we weren't loading Everything::Experience; Fixed and working now. Thanks to abiesseu for reporting it.
  • Made consistency fixes to statssection_personal, a glimpse ahead, and Honor roll and you as requested by professor pi. Made sure devotion is an even number and merit is "%.2lf"
  • Core update:

    Okay kids, get comfy. Let me tell you a story.

    "A stooooory uncle jay?"

    Yes, a story

    *rustling as children settle in, eyes focusing on the weary developer*

    So, we've had some core bugs we've fixed today. A long time ago, in a land farrr farrr away... Hey, can you name something that happened a long time ago? How about you little Suzie:

    "Starr Wars Epimisode One"

    Yes little Suzie, but older than that

    eyes wide crowd: "WOW!"

    Yes, even as old as E2! Did you know...

    • That if you used a URL string of a node name and a lastnode_id that it wouldn't leave a softlink if there was more than one item and you didn't have read access to the second item? Bizarre. Normally it would go through the Duplicates found page, and you'd pick, but I guess not. This is because we'd call displayPage instead of gotoNode. The same basic bug also manifested itself as:
    • (and this was recent) If you tried to softlink to a node that also had a user, you wouldn't be able to because we called displayPage instead of gotoNode.
    • If you tried to edit an e2node with an edit displaytype, you'd always see the edit page, whether or not you could normally edit it, and that was because we were short circuiting the code inside of gotoNode that checks for that sort of permission.
    • We have been calculating hits wrong in some bizarre circumstances (nodes that fit the above descriptions), because the updateHits() call is in gotoNode and not displayPage
    However, gotoNode was slower than displayPage. We now pass it a third parameter now to short circuit the canUpdateNode() crap when calling it by name. This is important, because you, the client developers of the world, can't get away with shoddy editing techniques and passing update and edit (GET/POST)s with the name. You need to do it by node_id. I don't know if any of you were, but this rules it out. This also gives us the performance gain of not actually running that code for the 99.999% of all the circumstances, thus shaving a few cycles off.

[% return "May 3, 2002" %]

[% return "May 7, 2002" %]

  • Fixed the slashdot RDF feeds
  • Created: Maintenance Nodes XML Ticker for boring heaven node exports.
  • Thanks to nate for fixing the feeds. They are re-introduced into the EDC section of the developer nodelet. Re-activation made to Everything Developer Data and the Developer Nodelet
  • Made a change to punch thyself that made it work on the secure server as requested by Randofu.
  • Per request of fuzzie, nodes now take a no_doctext parameter to shut off doctext loads.
  • Same goes for user xmltrue pages.
  • Added a js function by mcai7et2 into Message Inbox and removed all of message inbox'es js code to Message Inbox JavaScript. Opera is having trouble loading it, and I'm stumped. Suggestions are appreciated. Update: Opera 5 bug. Please upgrade to opera 6. Thanks

[% return "May 8, 2002" %]

  • Per a suggestion via patch from Eraser_ added a selector to ENN/E2N/Everything New Nodes (in ennchoice) to select how many to view. Very simple addition. Patch /not/ applied and deleted.
  • is a cheap and quick way to get our xml interfaces now.
  • Finished a "repair_e2node" button, so gods can rearrance the dates inside of an e2node with a simple click. This will phase out Sync Titles.

[% return "May 9, 2002" %]

[% return "May 10, 2002" %]

  • Minor string change per mblase's suggestion to Create a Node
  • Removed the last updated pref in user settings because it didn't do anything. Thanks to iandunn for the heads up.

[% return "May 16, 2002" %]

[% return "May 17, 2002" %]

[% return "May 19, 2002" %]

  • Repair_Node now does even more, removing non-writeup additions to an e2node.

[% return "May 25, 2002" %]

[% return "May 26, 2002" %]

[% return "May 27, 2002" %]

  • Cleaned up some form issues in usergroup edit page
  • Fixed up a bug in Scratch Pads that would call htmlScreen in the wrong page
  • Recalibrated timesince

[% return "May 30, 2002" %]

  • Created a node automation suite by which editors and gods can see nodes that fail a series of tests put upon each node inside of our system. Every other day, we run several million tests to make sure that the nodes all conform to several basic properties, and to point out nodes that really could use help. This supersedes the previous SQLJob functionality which is being removed today.
    • Created nodetest, the basic unit of tests that run through the database. It exists as a nodetype and a database behind it
    • Created nodetest display page, which displays out tests and the first hundred or so items that fail the test.
    • Created nodetest edit page which allows admins (me, because i know how the harness works) to edit the test.
    • Created Robotic Editor Shack to display the number of tests, and their results.
    • Created the nodetestpass opcode to "pass" a node. In reality, it just deletes all test records for that node, and it will renew them on the next pass in a couple of days
    • Edited Epicenter to add a link to op=nodetestpass so that people can pass the nodes.
    Basically the tests are simply htmlcodes that return "y", "n", or "f". "y" is "passed the test", "n" is failed the test, "f" is passed, but only because of a "f". If the test harness sees an "f", it will refresh the node for the harness. The auto-fix functionality will be more expanded in the future.

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#include <stdinfo>

May 3, 2002

  • finished settype (htmlcode), a general nodetype dropdown list / display thingy
  • created Patch Manager (superdoc), which will replace the patch display thingy in the edev usergroup
  • updated patch display page (htmlpage) to call settype
  • added pref. to show user flags (@$%) on messages

May 8, 2002

  • modified the (now rather improperly named) htmlcode usercheck: as per Gorgonzola's suggestion, change the text a bit; while I was there, I played with the ordering of some tests so failures return quicker (non-failures take the same time)
  • applied minor updates to sendPrivateMessage; visible change is that is now says how many message parts were sent if the message was split apart; for more info, see the 'help' displaytype for that node
  • enabled title searching for admins in Node Heaven
  • writeupcools (htmlcode): full C! list now shows on your own WUs, even when viewing an e2node

May 9, 2002

  • As per JerboaKolinowski's suggestion, in message (opcode), changed the first character in the RE in the typo-msg check from '.' to '\W'. This means that the typo check will catch a few less things, but will allow the (hopefully) more common use of certain phrases though.
  • As any edev member will tell you, the display of patches has been rather BLEEPed up. I again dived into the depth of patch display page (htmlpage) to see if I could mess things up even more try to make it look a bit nicer. The first thing I did was copy the sample simple [sic] program that comes with Algorithm::Diff, which is what we're using to determine the diff in the diff first diff place diff. (Stop diff!) But oops, that just showed the lines that were added and removed, and not much else. But un-oops, it makes it easy to see what that patch changed. So I left that view in. Even more un-oops, after looking back at nate's original code, I saw the lines numbers were 1-off. Fixing that was simple, as only the display lines needed to be changed. The logic code behind it was correct. I then risked burning out my eyes by further studying the retched hive of Perl villainy. And... what's this?... no else! Looks like somebody forgot to print the ending text of the diff, which resulted in all patches not showing the end stuff. I just made it print for this forgotten case, and we now have the full display back. However, beware! I still have no idea of what was really going on in there, so there is probably some other weird bug for patch displays. (So just yell at somebody else if you find another problem with it.) (This entry brought to you from the wow-nwing-sure-becomes-even-more-verbose-than-normal-when-he-is-about-eighty-percent-asleep dept.)

May 11, 2002

  • minor tweaks to settype (htmlcode), and removed temporary admin-only ability to change values
  • created varsComboBox (htmlcode), which gives a combo box widget, like settype, but changes the user's VARS (instead of a node)
  • Since I kept creating messages like 'This is under construction, so it may randomly not work.', I created UnderConstruction (htmlcode), which says that for me.
  • Everything User Search (htmlcode)
    • let everybody filter by writeup title length (Previously, editors and up were supposed to be able to, but due to a bug, only admins were able to. Of course, now it is a moot point.)
    • converted title sorting links and next/last links to using a single link generating function (this way, when filtering/other jumping is added later, only the function has to be updated, instead of the many places links are created)
    • added ability for me only to filter writeups based on hidden/not hidden/don't care (this will soon be open to all, once I add in a way to actually change the filtering method) (note: you can only filter this way if you're looking at your own writeups)

May 12, 2002

  • if hiding public chatter, the 'earplugs in' message now has a link to remove the earplugs (modified showchatter (htmlcode))

May 14, 2002

  • majorly messed up^W^W changed the code in parsetimestamp (htmlcode) to allow callers to have more control over display; also made 'UTC' not display by default, since, IMO, in most cases, it just clutters things
  • made Everything Document Directory (superdoc) show a few more entries by default if the user is in one of the special groups (%$@), since they have more types listed
  • made superdocs Everything Document Directory and List Nodes of Type show node creation date

May 17, 2002

May 22, 2002

  • fixed 2 things to deal with a writeup's removed user: displayWriteupInfo (htmlcode) shows !!! for the author and a hover tip of the (removed) node_id, the killing floor II (superdocnolinks) to not give a server error for displaying a removed user's name
  • Everything User Search can now filter writeups based on if they were created hidden; note: this only works when viewing your own writeups (or you're an editor)
  • modifed the killing floor II (superdocnolinks) and massacre (opcode) to have option to not send Klaproth message when killing your own writeup

May 23, 2002

  • added yet another user settings: now you have the option to look stupid by turning off the typo-checking in messagebox (also modified message (opcode)

May 24, 2002

  • modified viewcode (htmlcode): now also displays viewcode link for nodes of type superdocnolinks, test for in edev now checks the cached hash, instead of getting the edev group every time
  • modified voteit (htmlcode) to default to mercy-kill for maintenance writeups; by caching a value in HTMLVARS, we only need 1 extra call to the database per pageload
  • also improved voteit by only loading nuke insurance information once per pageload (again caching in HTMLVARS), and only if current user is an editor
  • created borg (opcode), for easy 1-click borging (well, easy if you're an admin, at least)
  • created a generic javascript prompt function in admin toolset (htmlcode) (which essentially has nodetype-specific functions in it), and converted lock/unlock user to using that instead
  • added a link to borg user from their homenode, also in admin toolset (call originally suggested putting this in displayUserInfo, but IMO, that is best left for displaying things only, and since 'admin toolset' already had a section to deal with users, I thought it was best in there)

May 28, 2002

  • updated UnderConstruction (htmlcode) to show the user that is doing the construction, if the viewer-user is a content editor or in edev (and the person that called the htmlcode gave their name to it)
  • renamed nodelet 'Personal Nodelet' to Custom Nodelet and superdoc 'Personal Nodelet Editor' to Custom Nodelet Editor
  • fixed Custom Nodelet (nodelet) to display and parse links properly
  • slightly increased maximum display length for custom nodelets in screenPersonalNodelet (htmlcode), and added a slight bonus for editors and edevites
  • wrote Custom Nodelet Editor (superdoc), to edit your Custom Nodelet; note: this is currently in beta, so only edevits and editors can use this for now

May 29, 2002

  • modified displayUserInfo (htmlcode) so user-since and last-seen have same display format
  • made parsetime (htmlcode) also show seconds
  • adjusted the hack time-fix in timesince (htmlcode)
  • I asked for suggestions for a better name for the 'Custom Nodelet', and I only heard from czeano: 'Scratch Nodelet' and 'Nodelet Pad', and --OutpostMir--: 'Notelet'. I like the brevity and potential for confusion of 'Notelet', so I'm going with that. Ok, now time to rename everything...
  • renamed a zillion things: 'screenPersonalNodelet' (htmlcode) to screenNotelet, 'Custom Nodelet' (nodelet) to Notelet, 'Custom Nodelet Editor' (superdoc) to Notelet Editor, $VARS->{personalRaw} to $VARS->{noteletRaw}, and $VARS->{personalScreened} to $VARS->{noteletScreened}; for the $VARS stuff, I put in code everywhere that should convert the settings over
  • increased length allowed for display in the 'Notelet' nodelet (screenNotelet (htmlcode))

May 31, 2002

  • applied dem bones (gasp!) patch to randotip (htmlcode), which added more tip-links in the Epicenter

Yeowza! That's all I did so far? How lazy!

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