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The following all happened more or less in May and was my fault. If you aren't in edev or on the admin staff, the gnomic links won't show you anything interesting. We can't have just anyone looking at our code and working out how to hack around it.

  • Unauthorised persons can no longer peek at our precious code by looking at patches waiting in the Patch Importer.
  • The Patch importer now exists on the development server as well as the production server and can be used to import patches from the production to the development server as well as in the other direction. This is useful if, say, the development server has been down for a few weeks and you want to get it back into sync with the production server. As if that would happen. Patches implemented on the production server get the new status 'production-implemented' and are immediately available for export to the development server.
  • New Logs is updated immediately when you change the number of writeups it should show, just like New Writeups. But only if you have Everything2 AJAX switched on, in which case various other new things happen instantly as well. (nwuamount)
  • If you try to vote when you have no votes left, you will be informed of the failure of your attempt. (voteit)
  • Clicking on the 'reply' link next to private messages takes you to the end of the text box, after /msg [blah], in all browsers. (Chatterbox script)
  • Talking in the AJX-powered auto-refreshing chatterbox in chatterlight after it has stopped autorefreshing due to lack of activitity will restart it. (Chatterbox script)
  • Various pieces of AJAX magic now work in Internet Explorer 7 through exploitation of the evil of outerHTML. (default javascript)
  • Spiders such as the googlebot are no longer even shown the 'I like it' link. We make sure no-one's being clever and trying to 'like' something that isn't a writeup. (ilikeit)
  • Security violations/the wrong kind of arguments are reported as distinct from other kinds of AJAX error (which still have a great tendency to be unknown). (ajax update page)
  • The odd bug fix as well.

This root log may become obsolete at some later stage as OldMiner continues his development of semi-automated reporting.

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