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A learning method that used to be highly favored in grade-schools. Sometimes it still is, and sometimes, it's the only way to do things. But memorizing the symbols in The Lord of the Flies is not going to do jack for one's understanding of them. Often employed by evil grade-school teachers.

the method of choice in japanese schools.
while it may be essential for the learning of kanji, it is very limiting in its ability to develop abstract thought amongst its victims.
this may be the cause of the infamous japanese conformity issues,
or the highly specialized fields of knowledge of its users.

everyone is taught the same things, the same way, and explanation or self discovery is ignored. this leads to a bank of knowledge which may not be understood, or applicable.

lack of understanding creates a situation where a person wishes not to have to explain a thing, thus minimizing their noticability in an attempt to avoid said situation - ie. conformity.

understanding of a thing (rare) promotes further interest in the area, and is vastly more interesting than the thing that is not understood. result, specialized fields of knowledge.

so why is it a good method for the learning of kanji?
kanji is so old and irregular that the system (if it had one) has been lost. modern attempts to systemize it are either inadequate, or just plain silly.

this is of course IMHO.

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