A popular game of chance using a wheel divided into 37 (Europe) or 38 (North America) spaces, each of which has a compartment to hold the roulette ball. The spaces are numbered 1 to 36, (half red and half black, half odd and half even) plus a green space marked 0, and in North America, another marked 00. This tilts the odds in favour of the house.

  /\     /\
 /  \   /  \
/    \ /    \
|  0  |  00 |
|r1 |b2 |r3 |    | low |
+---+---+---+    | 1 - |
|b4 |r5 |b6 | 1st| 18  |
+---+---+---+    +-----+
|r7 |b8 |r9 | doz|     |
+---+---+---+    | even|
|b10|b11|r12|    |     |
|b13|r14|b15|    |     |
+---+---+---+    | red |
|r16|b17|r18| 2nd|     |
+---+---+---+    +-----+
|r19|b20|r21| doz|     |
+---+---+---+    |black|
|b22|r23|b24|    |     |
|r25|b26|r27|    |     |
+---+---+---+    | odd |
|b28|b29|r30| 3rd|     |
+---+---+---+    +-----+
|b31|r32|b33| doz| high|
+---+---+---+    | 19- |
|r34|b35|r36|    | 36  |
Straight up
One number bet. Pays 35 to 1.
Twelve number bet. Covers the entire column of numbers. Pays 2 to 1
Twelve number bet. Covers the entire dozen. Pays 2 to 1
Eighteen number bet. These are the bets on the far right of the diagram above: red/black, even/odd, high/low. Pays 1 to 1
Two number bet. Placed on the border between two numbers. Pays 17 to 1
Three number bet. Placed on the left edge, covers all three numberson that row. Pays 11 to 1
Four number bet. Placed at the corner of four numbers, covering all of them. Pays 8 to 1
Five Number
Five number bet. Placed at the intersection of '0' and '1' on the left edge. This covers the numbers '1', '2', '3', '0' and '00'. Pays 6 to 1
Six Number
Six number bet. Placed on the left edge at the junction of two numbers. Covers all 6 numbers in both rows. Pays 5 to 1.

Systems of betting

Roulette :: System of a Down :: Steal This Album :: 2002

Roulette is the fifteenth track on System of a Down's autumn 2002 offering, Steal this Album. It is the outlying track on the album. Instead of being another sometimes painfully similar heavy guitar, power-chord saturated song, it is one of the most beautiful they have ever created. The roster of instruments is acoustic guitar, cello, and mandolin, which all fuse together perfectly.

I immediately fell in love with this song's pace and key, it's just perfect for me. Though the overly nasal backup vocals are a little overbearing at time, and unnecessary at that, the rest compensates for this.

I have a problem that I can not explain
I have no reason why it should've been so plain
I have no questions but i sure have excuse
I lack the reason why I should be so confused

I know, how I feel when i'm around you
I don't know, how I feel when i'm around you

around you

Left a message, but it aint a bit of use
I have some pictures but what might be the deuce
Today you saw, you saw me, you explained
playing the show when running down the plane

I know, how I feel when I'm around you
I don't know, how I feel when i'm around you
I, I know, how I feel when i'm around you
I, don't know, how i feel when i'm around you

around you

I, I know, how I feel when i'm around you
I, don't know, how I feel when i'm around you
I, I know, how I feel when I'm around you
I, don't know, how I feel when I'm around you

around you
around you
around you...

around you

I also tabbed the song because I love you. I know that SOAD usually plays drop-d or CGCFAD with their guitars, and Daron even plays a baritone guitar now, but I tabbed it in standard tuning anyway. I feel this song can appeal to anyone, not just "hardcore" CGCFAD SOAD fans.

  Guitar Riff           play ad infinitum (or ad 3min 21sec)


  Mandolin Bridge arr. for Guitar                play twice



Guitar ends on something like this.  (or it doesn't and my
mistake of not tabbing it in drop-d comes back to haunt me.)

The chorus is a bit different, but it follows the same pattern. Just messing with that progression for a few bars should get you there. Simple.

if you have got any corrections or that isn't even a mandolin, please msg me. thanks.

Rou*lette" (?), n. [F., properly, a little wheel or ball. See Rouleau, Roll.]


A game of chance, in which a small ball is made to move round rapidly on a circle divided off into numbered red and black spaces, the one on which it stops indicating the result of a variety of wagers permitted by the game.

2. (Fine Arts)


A small toothed wheel used by engravers to roll over a plate in order to order to produce rows of dots.


A similar wheel used to roughen the surface of a plate, as in making alterations in a mezzotint.

3. (Geom.)

the curve traced by any point in the plane of a given curve when the latter rolls, without sliding, over another fixed curve. See Cycloid, and Epycycloid.


© Webster 1913

Rou*lette" (?), n.

A small toothed wheel used to make short incisions in paper, as a sheet of postage stamps to facilitate their separation.


© Webster 1913

Rou*lette", v. t.

To make short incisions in with a roulette; to separate by incisions made with a roulette; as, to roulette a sheet of postage stamps.


© Webster 1913

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