A greeting protocol whereby two runners who don't know each other pass. This protocol is exceedingly simple and is used to communicate a few key concepts in a short period of time
  • Hello. I am going the other way ... nod
  • Hello. I am passing you on your left ... on your left
  • Hello. Watch out for the thing. ... watch out for the blank
In a longer run, such as a marathon, it is entirely probable that you will run in unplanned pairs or small groups for some part of the race. It is also very unlikely that you will pass someone going the other way. In this case, the protocol appears to be dominated by weather and locale references. This is a two-way protocol, in which exchanges are really an excuse to talk about other races. If somebody has a runner's high, then his contribution is slightly giddy.
Runner's protocol also has a few other items, at least where I run at. This is in a self-competitive environment, where the goal is to run around the track in the quickest time possible, not necessarily for distance.

Shouting "Track!" - I will be passing on the inside of the track from you, so move over to the left (or right) before I will have to tap your shoulder.
Staying on the outside of the track - I am a slow runner. encourage me while you pass by.

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