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Often sadness is prolonged when lonely. Being both sad and lonely is a tough mental state to break out of. Usually it is paired with depression which simply adds insult to injury.

The best way to break someone out of this condition is to talk to them and convince them to go have some fun for awhile. Usually that fun will require some added attention on your part, so be sure to free up your schedule ahead of time.
Another approach to avoiding this condition is to detach yourself from the world around you, social contacts in particular. After a while, the need for them, known as loneliness, will cease; you will just be alone.

In this way you can turn yourself into a vegetative mode of living that is quiet and uneventful. I've always associated the Buddist ideal of Nirvana, total detachment, with this state of being. It is a totally selfish and therefore immoral way of life, but I wouldn't call it unpleasant.

Sad and Lonely is soce, the elemental wizard's first ever music video. soce wrote, recorded and animated the video all by himself in his bedroom. It's both a really depressing and quite funny Flash animation. Most rappers want to tell you how difficult their lives were, how much of a struggle it was to get to where they are now. soce tries to let you in on his hardships as well, but he realizes that he's basically had an extremely easy life, with everything fed to him on a silver spoon.

Thus, soce doesn't rap about the ghetto or selling drugs. Instead, he raps about chatting on message boards, doing computer programming on Wall Street, checking his website visitor stats and other such nerdy and dorky things, and the underlying meaningless in which it conveys. Here is a man who pretty much has it all, and yet he's still completely unsatisfied with his life. He wants someone to love, but he doesn't know where to begin searching. soce also touches on the difficulties of being a performer and the pressures of needing to draw a certain amount of audience members in order to get booked for future shows. Many other performers should be able to relate to this and other aspects of the track.

The chorus goes, "I am so sad and lonely, except when I'm with my friend Dave, but there is no attraction between us, so I'm still on my own." soce is saying that even though he's down in the dumps right now, there are plenty of times when he's not singing this tune where he is very happy. The Dave in this song is one of soce's best friends David Davidson, but it really just signifies any of his close friends. soce loves Dave very dearly, but the two are unable to provide each other with any type of physical relationship, besides hugs.

The last verse of Sad and Lonely is a huge departure from the first two verses. Whereas the first two tend to meander on about how soce is a generally uncool person, in the third verse, soce attacks the listener directly with a rapid-fire account of how he is going to wait until the listener has passed away in order to go into his grave and rape his corpse. It comes out like a classic battle rap, but soce is fighting the only battle he knows that he can win.. one where is opponent is already dead. Apparently, he's so unnerved by his current difficulties that this is the only way he can handle the situation.

To fully appreciate Sad and Lonely, you have to see soce perform it live in front of a full crowd. Hearing everyone singing along during the chorus, laughing at how pathetic soce makes himself out to be, the uncomfortable silence as people realize what he's saying during the last verse, along with all of the disgusting and detailed images he draws, and then the ultimate relief as he dives into the chorus at the very end, encouraging people to raise up candles, lighters, cellphones and anything else that helps brighten up the darkness. If he's in a good mood, soce will then sing the last refrain an octave up, holding the final note high enough to break glass, sometimes dramatically collapsing to the floor in a jumbled heap. For a different feel, soce also enjoys performing the track accoustically, playing the background on the piano instead of using the pre-recorded beat that runs in the music video.

Strangely enough, soce wrote this song during one of the happiest moments of his life. He was spending time with his family--his parents, his sister, her husband and their children--on X-mas vacation. But I suppose that even as happiness exists within times of great sadness, then there may be sadness during times of great happiness as well.

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