A quick, cheap, energy-conserving hot snack.

A salsadilla is a quick homemade food item named after the quesadilla, but simplified to the basic ingredients of tortilla and salsa. This may sound plain, but it's a mighty efficient snack — no dishes, no cleanup! — that can be prepared in under one minute, and with the right supplies it's delicious.



  1. light a burner on the stove.
  2. place a tortilla directly on the grate over the burner.
  3. turn and rotate the tortilla every 2 seconds to avoid burning.
  4. remove tortilla from flame after air bubbles form, but while still flexible.
  5. extinguish the burner, or turn it all the way down.
  6. administer a small splash of salsa to the tortilla.
  7. roll or fold the tortilla according to preference.
  8. eat.

Repeat as desired.

Why this snack is so efficient

  • time: can be prepared in under 1 minute; a belly full takes 5 minutes.
  • logistics: no cookware, silverware, or dishes are necessary.
  • energy: no heat lost to cookware or dishwashing.
  • cost: very inexpensive.


How to tell if you have good quality tortillas: they should taste approximately 4 to 10 times better when heated than they do when cold! They should also be less than a week old, and refrigerated since the time of purchase. As for excellent salsa: it should be good enough to be enjoyable even if served separately.

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