Actually, as far as removing curses from items in NetHack goes, this isn't very effective, especially if the item in question is a cursed blindfold.

The whole story goes like this (and I am ashamed to admit to all this; my NH-addict roommate brought it up non-stop for weeks afterwards): I was swaggering around in the Dungeons of Doom greedily gathering every item I could find. At some point I wanted to know whether or not this character had telepathy yet (it was probably the 5th character I'd generated, played, and killed in an hour, so I couldn't remember whether or not I'd eaten a floating eye). So I grabbed the blindfold I had in my inventory and slipped it on. No telepathy. I went to take it off (as being blind in NetHack really sucks unless you have telepathy), but no! NetHack informed me, "You can't! It seems to be cursed."

So there I was, groping about, falling into pits and whatnot, when I came upon a fountain. In my state of suicidal despair, I quaffed. A demon appeared -- grateful for his release, he granted me a wish. I wished for a scroll of remove curse so I could get this blindfold off of me once and for all. Oh, wait...

Getting back to the point, a scroll of remove curse will uncurse all items you are wearing. A blessed scroll of remove curse will uncurse all items you are carrying or wearing. I'm not sure what a cursed scroll of remove curse does...probably not too difficult to figure out though, knowing the Dev Team.

A scroll of remove curse is probably the best way to remove the ol' ball 'n chain you got from making your god angry or reading that scroll of punishment, outside of the spellbook of remove curse.

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